Hochreflektierende Spiegel (IBS Beschichtung)

Hochreflektierende Spiegel (IBS Beschichtung)

Diameter tolerance +0/-0.1 mm
Thickness tolerance ±0.1 mm
Clear Aperture >90%
Surface quality 20-10 S-D
Surface flatness <λ/8 @ 632.8 nm
Protective chamfers <0.25 mm x 45°
Coating adhesion and durability Per MIL-C-675A
Laser damage threshold reports www.altechna.com/lidt
Low loss HR mirrors are also referred to as IBS mirror due to ion-beam coating technology. The mirrors provide maximum reflectance at certain wavelength range and certain angle of incidence (AOI).

IBS technology stands out by multiple advantages against other coating techniques. Due to fully automated control of deposition process coatings distinguish by high repeatability, sharper features, tighter tolerances. IBS thin films feature higher density, durability, high-damage-threshold, impenetrable to water vapor, which make them resistant to environmental conditions such as heat, humidity and pressure.

IBS coatings distinguish by nearly all specification being supreme to the ones provided by other coating technologies. It allows to minimize scatter in the dielectric layers which is limiting factor, then reflectivity higher than 99,9% is targeted. Our selection of ion-beam sputtered coatings covers wavelength range of 343 - 1550 nm.
varna Provide maximum reflectance at certain wavelength range and certain angle of incidence (AOI)
varna Coatings are provided by ion beam sputtering (IBS) technique
varna Resistant to environmental conditions
varna Various dimensions are available on request
varna Mass production capabilities: 1’000 pieces per month
varna High repeatability
varna Reflectivity higher than 99,9%

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Dimensions, mm Substrate material AOI, deg Reflectivity, % Wavelength, nm Delivery Produkt ID Price
Ø25.4 x 5 UVFS 0 >99.9 343 - 355 Request 1-OS-2-0254-5-[1B00-IBS] Request REQ
Ø25.4 x 5 UVFS 0 >99.9 400 Request 1-OS-2-0254-5-[1C00-IBS] Request REQ
Ø25.4 x 6 BK7 0 >99.95 1550 Request 1-OS-2-0254-6-[1V00-IBS] Request REQ
Ø25.4 x 5 UVFS 45 Rs>99.95, Rp>99.8 400 Request 1-OS-2-0254-5-[1C45-IBS] Request REQ
Ø25.4 x 6 BK7 45 Rs>99.98, Rp>99.93 1550 Request 1-OS-2-0254-6-[1V45-IBS] Request REQ
Ø25.4 x 5 UVFS 45 Rs>99.97, Rp>99.93 515 - 532 Request 1-OS-2-0254-5-[1F45-IBS] 125 €
Ø25.4 x 5 UVFS 0 >99.94 515 - 532 From stock 1-OS-2-0254-5-[1F00-IBS] 110 €
Ø25.4 x 5 UVFS 0 >99.95 1030 - 1064 From stock 1-OS-2-0254-5-[1PR00-IBS] 135 €
Ø25.4 x 5 UVFS 45 Rs>99.98, Rp>99.93 1030 - 1064 From stock 1-OS-2-0254-5-[1PR45-IBS] 155 €
Ø25.4 x 5 UVFS 45 Rs>99.9, Rp>99.7 343 - 355 From stock 1-OS-2-0254-5-[1B45-IBS] 195 €
Ø25.4 x 5 UVFS 45 Rs>99.98, Rp>99.93 800 From stock 1-OS-2-0254-5-[1K45-IBS] 150 €
Ø25.4 x 5 UVFS 0 >99.95 800 From stock 1-OS-2-0254-5-[1K00-IBS] Request REQ

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