Polarizer Rotator

Polarizer Rotator

Dimensions 91 x 63 x 47 mm
Max speed 5 turns/min
Resolution 41.54 arcsec/step
Step accuracy in full rotation ± 4 steps
Backlash ± 4 steps
Travel range 360°
Typical application Automated laser systems
Motorized polarizer rotator is designed to precisely rotate optical components arround its axis. It is designed to accomodate standard 1 inch waveplate or any other 1 inch diameter component. The assembly consists of two main blocks - rotator and the base plate, adjustable kinematically, thus setup provides extra degrees of freedom for angular adjustment. Side plate has 1 inch diameter hole, which simplifies additional optics or tube mounting in the beam path. 

Package contains Rotator, power supply, controller and software.

varna High position accuracy and repeatability
varna Low backlash
varna Robust design

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