Strahl Displace

Strahl Displace

Material Calcite, YVO4
Dimensional tolerances +0/-0.1 mm
Length tolerance ±0.1 mm
Clear Aperture >90%
Surface quality 60-40 S-D
Surface flatness <λ/4 @ 632.8 nm
Ordinary beam deviation <3 arcmin
Coatings None. AR coatings available upon request
Displacer produces two parallel orthogonally polarized beams from an unpolarized or rotated polarization input. The displacement amount between the ordinary and extraordinary polarized beams depends on material birefringence on particular wavelength and element length. By varying different materials and their length it's possible to design displacers for almost any parallel split. Wide range of the sizes, higher polishing specifications, different spectral ranges, housing or AR coatings are available on request. 

Beam displacer usually made from calcite, alpha-BBO or YVO4, but also other materials like crystal quartz or rutile could be used upon request.
varna Splits a beam into two orthogonally polarized parallel beams
varna Made from the finest optical grade natural calcite or YVO4 for laser aplications
varna Suitable for high power beam splitting due high LIDT

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