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Sr(x)Ba(1-x)Nb2O6 SBN:75, SBN:61
Melting point, °C 1470 - 1490
Molecular weigth, g-mol 381.854 (SBN:75), 388.813 (SBN:61)
Symmetry 4 mm
Curie temperature, °C 56 (SBN:75), 80 (SBN:61)
Pyroellectric coefficient 0.28 μC x cm^-2 x K^-1 (SBN:75)
0.065 μC x cm^-2 x K^-1 (SBN:61)
Nominally pure and doped by Ce, Cr, Co SBN crystals (SBN:61, SBN:75) of different compositions are used in elecro-optics, acousto-optics, photorefractive non-linear optics. A new growing technique (Stepanov Method) provides excellent optical quality single crystals, free of growth striations, inclusions and other inhomogeneities, as well as definite cross section and linear dimensions up to 40 mm.

SBN crystalline elements meet the requirements for different applications. Based on this unique crystal growing technique, large high quality SBN optical elements and photorefractive cells are available.


  • Two-wave mixing: optical information recording, dynamic holographic interferometry, optical holographic amplifier. 
  • Four-wave mixing: highly efficient phase conjugation, self pumped phase conjugation mirror, double phase conjugation mirror. 
  • Electro-optical elements, acousto-optical elements. 
  • Pyroelectrical detectors. 
  • Self-frequency doubling, self-sum-frequency mixing of laser and pump radiations.

varna Very high quality crystals suitable for two- and four-wave mixing
varna Perfect for electro-optical and acousto-optical applications
varna Suitable for pyroelectrical applications
varna Highly efficient phase conjugation

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Carbonwater electrodes CeO2 doping, wt, % Composition Dimensions (a x b x c), mm Poling Delivery Produkt ID Price
No 0.1 SBN:61 5x5x5 unpoled Request 4-SBN6-0505-2 Request REQ
No 0.01 SBN:61 5x5x5 unpoled Request 4-SBN6-0505-3 Request REQ
No 0.002 SBN:61 5x5x5 unpoled Request 4-SBN6-0505-5 Request REQ
No 0.005 SBN:61 5x5x5 unpoled Request 4-SBN6-0505-4 Request REQ
No undoped SBN:61 5x15x5 unpoled Request 4-SBN6-0515-1 2660 €
No 0.1 SBN:61 5x15x5 unpoled Request 4-SBN6-0515-2 2660 €
No 0.002 SBN:61 5x15x5 unpoled Request 4-SBN6-0515-5 2660 €
No 0.1 SBN:61 5x20x5 unpoled Request 4-SBN6-0520-2 3325 €
No 0.01 SBN:61 5x20x5 unpoled Request 4-SBN6-0520-3 3325 €
No 0.002 SBN:61 5x20x5 unpoled Request 4-SBN6-0520-5 3325 €
No 0.005 SBN:61 5x20x5 unpoled Request 4-SBN6-0520-4 3325 €
No undoped SBN:61 5x10x5 unpoled Request 4-SBN6-0510-1 2090 €
No 0.002 SBN:61 5x10x5 unpoled Request 4-SBN6-0510-5 2090 €
No 0.005 SBN:61 5x10x5 unpoled Request 4-SBN6-0510-4 2090 €
No 0.005 SBN:61 5x15x5 unpoled Request 4-SBN6-0515-4 2660 €
No undoped SBN:61 5x20x5 unpoled Request 4-SBN6-0520-1 3325 €
No undoped SBN:61 5x5x5 unpoled From stock 4-SBN6-0505-1 Request REQ
No 0.1 SBN:61 5x10x5 unpoled From stock 4-SBN6-0510-2 2090 €
No 0.01 SBN:61 5x15x5 unpoled From stock 4-SBN6-0515-3 2660 €
No 0.01 SBN:61 5x10x5 unpoled From stock 4-SBN6-0510-3 2090 €

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