Fe:LiNbO3 Kristalle

Fe:LiNbO3 Kristalle

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Transparency range 0.35 – 5.5 μm
Crystal symetry Trigonal, 3m
Density 4.64 g/cm3
Mohs hardness 5
Melting Point 1255 °C
Refractive index @ λ=632,8 nm no = 2.29, ne = 2.2
Electrooptical Coefficient @ λ = 632.8 nm r33 = 32 pm/V
r22 = 6.8 pm/V
r31 = 10 pm/V
Dielectric constant (low frequency) ε11 = 85, ε33 = 30
Lithium Niobate crystals doped with iron Fe:LiNbO3 are an excellent photorefractive material with high electro-optical coefficients and high photorefractive sensitivity and diffraction efficiency without an applied electric field. The crystals have wide applications in phase conjugation and holographic recording.
Altechna offers crystals with different Fe doping concentration, dimensions and optical processing requirements. Other dopants are available upon request.
varna Other dopants are available upon request!

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