Glan Thompson Polarisator

Glan Thompson Polarisator

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Material Calcite
Clear Aperture >90%
Surface quality 20-10 S-D
Transmitted wavefront distortion (TWD) <λ/4 @ 632.8 nm
Beam deviation <3 arcmin
Wavelength range 350-2300 nm
Extinction ratio <5×10^-5
Coatings Single layer MgF2
Laser damage threshold >100 MW/cm2
Mounting Black anodized aluminum
Because of cement it has higher transmission than Glan Taylor type due to reduced reflection losses at the hypotenuse interface but limited useful UV spectral range. Transmitted extraordinary beam is used. Side faces are black painted to absorb rejected ordinary beam.
varna Broadband low power polarizers for UV, visible or near IR wavelengths
varna Large Acceptance Angle
varna High Polarization Purity
varna Low Power Application
varna RoHS Compliant

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Angular field, deg Wavelength, nm Extinction ratio C,A, (mm) O,D, (mm) Delivery Product ID Price Action
>15 350 - 2300 <5 x 10^-5 10.0 25.4 Request 2-GTH-3522-2 Request REQ
>15 350 - 2300 <5 x 10^-5 12.7 25.4 Request 2-GTH-3522-3 Request REQ
>15 350 - 2300 <5 x 10^-5 8.0 25.4 Request 2-GTH-3522-1 Request REQ

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