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Meniskus Linsen

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Material BK7, FS, UVFS, CaF2, ZnSe
Diameter tolerance +0/-0.1 mm
Thickness tolerance ±0.5 mm
Clear aperture >90%
ROC tolerance ±1 %
Design wavelength 632.8 nm
Surface quality 40-20 S-D
Surface figure <λ/4 @ 632.8 nm
Centration error <3 arcmin
Protective chamfers <0.25 mm x 45°
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Meniscus lenses have two curved surfaces one of which is protrusive while other is intrusive, also these lenses are referred to as convex-concave lenses. Radii of curvature of both surface can be chosen independently from each other. Meniscus lenses find application in optical systems, where aberrations need to be minimized, for instance in multi lens focusing objective, where it helps to minimize focal spot of the beam. The same benefit is applied in collimators. Another advantage is that meniscus design allows to make longer focal length lenses than the ones available in Plano-convex design. Lenses with equal radii of curvature on opposite sides serve well as substrates for resonator mirrors.
varna Minimizes spherical aberration
varna Improves image quality
varna Reduces spot size

Properties (Diameter D, Focal length L)

D, mmD, InchesL Minimal, mmL Maximal, mm
12,70.5+/- 25+/- 10.000
25,41+/- 30+/- 10.000
38,11.5+/- 50+/- 10.000
50,82+/- 80+/- 10.000
76,23+/- 100+/- 10.000

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