10MWA168 - motorisierte verstellbare Abschwächer

10MWA168 - motorisierte verstellbare Abschwächer

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Rated Current 0.4 A
Resistance 33 Ohm
Inductance 52 mH
Holding torque 0.12 N m
Step angle 1.8
Step angle accuracy 5 minutes
Required electrical power 5.6 W
10MWA168-20 0.61 kg
10MWA168-1 0.65 kg
Motorised Variable Wheel Attenuator 10MWA168 consists of two filter wheels. Each wheel contains eight filter mounts of 20 mm with clear aperture of 18 mm. Each mount is inclined by 4 degrees to prevent mutual reflections between filters.
We supply the attenuators with a standard, most popular, set of filters. See the table 'Standart specificaions' tab. Also we can offer custom made otics. Or you may choose the attenuators with filters, that you can fix by yourself. You bring a filter of each wheel into the optical path easily by hand or using automation.
The two wheels are driven by single step motor. A computer can operate it via a controller. The Step Motor Controller Cards 8SMCC1/8SMCC3 and computer software 10MWA168S2 come separately.
For fastening, the attenuator has clearance slots for M6 and M4 csrews. There are also two M6 holes, and one M4 hole (opposite to one of the M6 holes). Optical axis can be set anywhere in a contiguous range, except where it is obscured by the base of the filter. The elevation of the optical axis, may vary between 34-97 mm. Material: black anodized aluminium.
varna 2 wheels contain 6 filters, 1 target plate & 1 empty space each
varna Diameter NDF 20 mm
varna Clear aperture 18mm
varna Non parallel filters (inclined by 4)
varna Maximum thickness of filters - 2 mm
varna Custom design available

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